Welcome To Mummy Massage!

My name is Alex, Mummy to two beautiful children. I am a fully qualified & insured masseuse who specialises in Pregnancy Massage.

Both of my pregnancies were incredibly different in their own way and wonderfully unique, one was a girl, one was a boy, one was premature, one was on time. However both babies put lots of strain on my back, I had cramps, I had swollen hot feet every single night, I had SPD (Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction) which got so intense during my second pregnancy I had to wear a supportive band-belt to try & help me through.

I remember through both pregnancies all I wanted was someone to rub the pain away! I wanted someone to come to me in the comfort of my own home and not charge an absolute fortune.

So here we are today, I pride myself on affordable quality treatments that are cheaper than your local salon or spa.

Every massage is adapted to the wants and needs of each mummy!